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Dali Angel of Port Lligat.

Raphael raises yellow sun in morning air

shines from the East a crystal light of Spring.

Midday burns red fire of Summer in the South

shining Michael’s Emerald Ray.

Westerly Moon reflects a silver chalice in

blue water on Gabriel’s autumnal quarter.

Dead of night at North comes Winter Green

Bronze cauldron of Auriel Archangel of Earth.


Seven rays of rainbow reach through the sky

a colourful ark imitating the curve of the earth

invisible white light seen in a spectrum split

through water and resting in elemental air.


For Bjorn’s prompt at dVerse

Four Elements, Four Quarters, Four Archangels forever present but usually unseen.

Angel of Port Lligat by Dali


Angelic Hands

Escher M C drawing hands 1948.

Translucent quicksilver

pours from the quill

setting in material will.


Inner plane forces

form holographic reflections

transcending reality.


Whereupon our inner eyes

see the vibration of the skies

form of four elements melted.


Consciousness seeks the center

where the great golden sphere of the sun

reveals the vision of harmony.


For the Mag by Tess Kincaid

Picture Drawing Hands, 1948 by M. C. Escher