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Seed is the template

and the mystery of wheat

brings the bread of life


Light is nourishment

earth and water sustaining

elemental earth.


Fire transforms the mix

raising the ingredients

manna from heaven


At dVerse Grace’s prompt is BREAD


Universal Machinery


Wisdom emanates

understanding and mercy

with visions of love.


Strength of character

built by experiencing

visions of sorrow.


Spheres of illusion

hide the vision of splendour

until the light dawns.


Prompt WISDOM from Haiku Heights.



When we meditate

In search of enlightenment

Such spiritual riches can

Descend to uplift us

On the material plane of

Mother Earth.


Painting by William Blake


Shared with http://dversepoets.com/

New Year 2012




There is a new beginning

When we reach the winter solstice

Explosions of light will

Nurture our spirits

To ascend our conciousness

Yet keep us safe

To experience a new world order

With awareness of the inner planes

Ever bringing us closer together in

Love to reach our perfection, the

Vocation of our souls



Babaji, The immortal master of the Himalayas.  He has promised to stay in his physical body until this Earth cycle is complete.