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A Long Hot Summer

escher m c bond of union 1956

Time slips past punctuated by pain

The small hours of morning

dragging by in dark moonlessness

until the lip of the sun’s circumference

brings the dawning of another day.


Summer burns hot in delirium

drugged dizziness dulls perception

I hold my book high reading

as if staring at the ceiling

until I have no strength to support it.


Hours pass into days and days into weeks

weeks turn to months.

will I ever get better?

Too weak to walk or sit or eat

eventually sleep brings blessed relief.


Summer stretches into October

blazing days still burning

I venture out onto the terrace

and sit in the shade

to contemplate progress made.


Artwork ‘Bond of Union’ 1956 by M C Escher from The Mag

and shared with dVerse




Incarnationary Personality


Material world

sensory learning for the

incarnate spirit


evolution comes

with mastery of matter

rooted in nature


Pain transmutation

to unconditional love

brings wisdom and poise.


For Haiku Heights prompt PAIN


Mind Over Matter

I have been struggling with the concept of illness, pain and suffering.  If we believe in a God of love why does he allow suffering?  If we consider ourselves good, considerate people why is it we come up against difficulties or accidents when those who clearly are not considerate and loving get away with behaviour we would never dream of inflicting on others?  They may seem fine in their present life but they are building a debt of karma that must be paid.

If we don’t believe in a loving God, then we can blame him for every bad thing that happens instead of pealing off the layers and taking a good long look at the reason for living.

There is a school of thought that says “all illness starts in the mind”, yet how can this be?  I suppose if we expect to be ill then we almost certainly will be.  But when we want to be well and get on with a useful life, why do we suffer?

If we believe in a life after death, then we could perhaps consider the possibility of re-incarnation.  A series of lives the Evolutionary Personality chooses to experience every aspect of life on this planet (and maybe other planets too).  Consider our present lifetime experiences recorded in the Incarnationary Personality and passed on to the Evolutionary Personality on death.

Once back ‘on the other side’ in spirit, we examine the lessons of our lifetime and whether the plan of the past incarnation has been completed satisfactorily.  If we have experienced the issues we chose to experience, after a period of rest,  we can plan another lifetime of learning with different issues until the Logoidal Plan is completed.  If the last incarnation ended without learning the lessons we chose then we must return time after time until the lesson is learned.

‘As above so below’ we have the same atoms as the Universe itself.  When the Logoidal Plan is completed in our Evolutionary Personality we can choose to move on to higher realms or stay with the Earth to help others to ascension.

Earth is the planet many souls choose to experience because of its many opportunities.   But life is so difficult here because we lose our contact with source.  When we are born we go through the ‘veil of forgetting’ and lose touch with spirit.  We believe that Earth is the only reality when in fact it is a hologram.  Our life here on earth is just a tiny part of what we are.  Our earth bodies are vibrating, renewing molecules within a magnetic framework and our intellectual consciousness extends beyond the material.

We are reaching a shift in vibrations on planet earth.  Gradually, over some years we shall be vibrating at a higher frequency, allowing truth and spirit vibrations into the atmosphere giving us access to the light.  An opportunity for spiritual consciousness in a world of matter will be created.