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The Fool


The beginning and the end is naught

In the depths of consciousness

something new is sought.


A flower is alive within the seed

Earth, air and water will see it sprout

in the warmth and light of Spring.


Sun rises from the nadir

A new loop in the spiral of eternity

ensouls a spark with the lust for life.


It surges forward without fear

in the bright sunshine of a new day

unaware of the dark precipice.


The abyss that awaits foolishness

and swallows the careless intentions

of the incarnate.


Tread carefully for the shells

of materiality are hidden in duality

moulds making a false trail.


The womb and the tomb await

the return of the wandering soul

seeking  enlightenment.


The Tarot Cards of Sarah Wheatley

See them http://sarahmagdalene.com/2014/12/22/the-fool/ here


Wild Flowers


White flag iris

bleached by years of hot sun

retreats to earth ’till next spring.



Purple morning

glory of convolvulus

death of superstition


For Carpe Diem

When I was a child of 4 I picked some morning glory and took them into the house where there was a gathering of my grandparents and aunts and uncles.  There then began a conversation about whose death these flowers foretold.  They said “the child does not know”.


Monasterio de Piedra

Cool rushing water

springs of mother nature

delight to behold


On the river bank

experience the kiss of

fresh, clean foaming spray


These beautiful waterfalls are in the park at the site of this medieval gothic Monastery situated in Zaragoza.  It was here the first chocolate in Spain was made by monks.  Today it is a restaurant and hotel and they grow vines for wine making.   My visit here was a real treat.  Below are some of my photographs.


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For Carpe Diem SPRING

All above pictures by Tigerbrite

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The home hearth is happy as the fire wheel turns

and the long darkness begins to break.

The awakening from winter’s rest is celebrated

with freshness and a joyful surge of yearning.


The Sun God risen at Yule is full of vigour.

His power is present in the new cycle of life.

Shoots wait to burst in the warmth of his beams

and the melodies of the rights of spring begin to sing.


Candlemas glows bright stretching the winter light

from evening shadows into lighter days.

Woolley White Lambs leap in new grass

to the promise of nourishment from mother’s milk.


The Goddess looks sunwards to the healing rays,

as the Wise Crone sleeps she is renewed to youth.

Snowdrops pierce the frost to ring bells of new birth

bringing universal magic to mother earth.

Copyright Tigerbrite