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Our Star

Claudia's Star.

Every man and woman is a star

sparkling cosmic sparks swarming

in the energy from ain soph aur

bringing the breath of life

to wisdom and understanding.

God’s dream unfolds in Daath

containing in consciousness

experiences of incarnation


Teetering on the abyss

the spiritual self discarnate

deliberates perfection,

contemplates compassion,

in the condemned cell

from which tiny window

shines infinite light

absorbing evolution.


Amazing Artwork by Claudia Schoenfeld with thanks.




With thanks for all the beauty, love and kindness upon the earth,

for the miracle of creation and our very existence

in a perishable physical body of bone, flesh and blood.

Man can bring nothing into this world nor take anything out

except that precious spark of consciousness

which crosses the abyss into the supernal world of the cosmos.

There is our spirit, the divine spark within the group soul

of which we have no memory,  yet it carries an imprint in evolution.


Earth soul evolution since the fall into matter has yet far to go,

the collective unconscious has to be cleansed and cleared of karma.

The serpent coiled in the mauve zone of the collective mind must be slain

to allow ascension to a higher frequency of spirit.

Perpetual light is in our spark, if we look within we may find the divine.

Every man and woman is a Star shining spirals of light through the universe.

The Star contains the imprint of our own Higher Will.

The task is to find it.


This poem is dedicated to the memory of Dave King, may he rest in peace and rise in glory.

For dVerse



She touches the longing in the depths of our being.

Star Goddess, archetype of the eternal feminine,

shines spirals of light through the universe

spinning from her seven pointed star.


She pours the eternal, ethereal waters of life

to nourish and create renewal.

Balancing the earth with elemental air

and the cosmic fire of the stars.


Painting by Sarah Wheatley from her Magdalene Tarot.

More of her work at sarahmagdalene.wordpress.com


In Search of a Star


I was aware of my warrior spirit guide towering above me.   He seemed to exist within a matt black amour which was not of our earth.

I asked in my mind if he had any advice for me.  His reply came as a deep voiced machine.

“Have faith.  I warrior will be near you when you traverse the abyss.  Follow your star and call on the Arch Angels for help at the portals.  We all wish you to succeed, but we can do nothing if you do not ask.  If you are uncertain of your way call for me, I will send you signs to follow which will come in the form of words or images.  We shall cherish your spirit beautiful lady, put your trust in us.”

I was brought back to the present with a jump, the priests and priestesses had turned to look for me, I was being called to the altar.  I went there as quickly as I could without appearing to hurry and bowed to my High Priestess.  On the altar cloth before me was a gold chain with a stone of tiger’s eye.  I watched transfixed as Lady Helen raised her arms to invoke the archangels and the spirits of those who had passed through the Temple of Light to confer the power of protection on the stone.  The entire company stood holding their hands outstretched towards the tiger’s eye and the air rippled as they intoned their chant.  Lady Helen passed to the front of the altar beside me and fastened the chain around my neck.  The stone felt warm and alive on my chest.

Tears filled my eyes as I made my way back to my place, I touched the tiger’s eye and it lay exactly over my heart.  I gave thanks to the angels who watched over us and to all those who had channelled energy to empower the talisman for my journey into the unknown.


Prompt TALISMAN from Sunday Scribblings.


Picture credit spaceart.de


Universal Travels



sends us travelling in time

dreaming of our star.



the colours of the spectrum

from supernovae.


Universal pull

shoots us to the ring pass not

on a spangled ray.


Thrilling like a dance

performed at the speed of light.

What an adventure!


The elastic not

bounces our being back home.

to live life anew.