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A Long Hot Summer

escher m c bond of union 1956

Time slips past punctuated by pain

The small hours of morning

dragging by in dark moonlessness

until the lip of the sun’s circumference

brings the dawning of another day.


Summer burns hot in delirium

drugged dizziness dulls perception

I hold my book high reading

as if staring at the ceiling

until I have no strength to support it.


Hours pass into days and days into weeks

weeks turn to months.

will I ever get better?

Too weak to walk or sit or eat

eventually sleep brings blessed relief.


Summer stretches into October

blazing days still burning

I venture out onto the terrace

and sit in the shade

to contemplate progress made.


Artwork ‘Bond of Union’ 1956 by M C Escher from The Mag

and shared with dVerse




Summer’s Song


August evening

cicadas’ circular saw

ringing in the ears


Carpe Diem prompt – cicadas

Sunset photo by Tigerbrite

Pomegranate Juice


Daydream of limitless light

sends the clouds scudding

leaving the glitter of sunshine

on a millpond of sea.

Orchards of pomegranates swell

and ripen their bitterish seeds.

First fruits of summer soon to pluck.

Balmy and comforting July days

like a welcome friend.

No rain to halt al fresco life

nor differ from the sun of Summer’s days.


Written using the words in the picture for