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The Nephilim


There were giants in the days of old

there were giants so the bible told

there were giants before the deluge

there were giants who had no refuge

there were giants who perished in the flood

there were giant’s bones washed of blood

there were giants at Lemnos horrible to behold

there were giants when divinity of man was sold

there were giants who beget instead of creating

there were giants, Titans , men of vast cranium

there were giant’s tombs at Asterius, and Geryon.



For dVerse


Adam and Eve

yerka jacek_mind fields_between heaven and hell.

Trapped by the tree of knowledge,

the deed captured for posterity

in the farmhouse of the fall.

Surreal landscape and materiality of grime.

The serpent wakes and the angels weep.

In hell’s infernal oven roasts

over seasoned forbidden meat,

its stench hanging on stale air.

A perpetual reminder of balance broken.

Below the flaming sword they hang,

prisoners locked in the picture,

and the wheel of rebirth.


Picture prompt from the Mag by Tess Kincaid ‘Between Heaven and Hell’, 1989 by Jacek Yerka

Word prompt ‘Seasoned’ by Sunday Scribblings.

dVerse ‘Modern Day Mythology’