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10 x 10


A clarion call carries earth vibrations to the Inner Planes

Angel songs without words reverberate on rungs of Jacob’s ladder

Moon Goddess reflects the Sun’s light on planet Earth’s night

Vision of beauty triumphant and divine love, Empress of Venus

Power of the mind in Mercury fires the creative imagination

Sun is the central point of balance of the universe

Power from Mars destroys what is spiritually incorrect for evolution

Jupiter bestows the compassion of the creator, a beneficent ruler

Saturn binds in form the divine force of the cosmos

Sirius holds universal knowledge and five rays of the Cosmos


For Victoria’s prompt at dVerse.  A form of poetry with ten words created by Brian Miller.



Ring Chaos


Travelling atom

swirling inside a circle

inside the Cosmos.


A circle within

another circle Pass Not

contains the atom.


rebounding within

seven plains and vortices

whirling through twelve rays.


centrifugal force

fashions its complexity

to find night of God.


Within the Cosmos

Universal clusters form

a solar system.


For Carpe diem CHAOS

Ten Spheres on the Tree


One crown formed from nothingness

flows two force of wisdom

which forms in three the first Yoni.

Form flies the abyss to four in the world of Formation

cool and blue, beneficent and merciful .

Five of fire, warrior’s sword of severity.

Illumination of the beautiful, golden Sun in six.

Seven sees Venus victorious in her green gown.

Infinity in eight, mercurial mystic splendour and glowing orange intellect.

Foundation of psychism in nine, visions in violet from a Lunar landscape.

In the world of action materializes ten the terrestrial Eve.

Air, fire and water on earth, elements of creation.


For dVerse two year celebration.

These are the numbers that beget numerology.

Completion of the Great Work

The Universe


Universal song

daughter of the King dances

Within the womb


No words conjure her

none suitable for her praise

princess of the stars



harmony, heavenly peace

flower begets the seed.


Around the Vesica Piscis gaze the Cherubim their masks of the old order removed.  In the completion of manifestation their unity consciousness is renewed.  Filled with new life and light they shine as the daughter of the King dances within the womb of the Universe.  There are no words to conjure her nor suitable adorations for her praise.  Every atom of the Universe sings her song in harmony with the heavenly bodies.  In perfect peace and omnipresent principle of the universe the flower begets the seed.

The artist Lady Harris wrote to Crowley about this card “The elemental Cherubims are quite jolly but the Little Lady has twisted and turned ’til I am insane with the wiggling lines and I’ve done about forty drawings of her”

For Carpe Diem