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Seed is the template

and the mystery of wheat

brings the bread of life


Light is nourishment

earth and water sustaining

elemental earth.


Fire transforms the mix

raising the ingredients

manna from heaven


At dVerse Grace’s prompt is BREAD


Lion King

Henri Rousseau the-sleeping-gypsy-1897.

Rescued from incarceration in King Darius’ Den

and the laws of the Medes and Persians

Daniel’s devoted lion watches over him

sleeping in his coat of many colours.

Lion loves his freedom with the wandering minstrel.

The clay jar gave succulent sips of wine

Lion has filled it with water divine.


The picture is from The Mag by Tess Kincaid and offered to dVerse open night.


Snow Fall

wyeth andrew the mill 1964.

Stillness abides in the silence of snowflakes.

Frozen jewels of sacred geometry

reflections of the complexity of creation.

Water frozen into soft whiteness layer upon layer

transformed by the temperature of air.


Within this window burns my log fire

warming me and sending

fragrant smoke through the chimney.

Transformation of elemental energy

upon the Kingdom of Earth.


Written for the Mag picture prompt supplied by Tess Kincaid

‘The Mill’ by Andrew Wyeth



I crouched terrified by the fire as the wind screamed and howled.

Waves crashed against the rocks and spewed on to the summer terrace, the last trickles reaching full up to the french window.

I held my breath as the next assault of water carried away the forward supporting beam of the terrace roof which dangled dangerously before crashing down into a pile of rubble.

I had never seen the sea so frenzied. Should its fury break the window of the forgotten fort I had made my home I knew I should be doomed to the deep.

Salt spray trickled down the panes on to the terrace making strange patterns on the glass.

The log fire hissed at the drops down the chimney.

I was at the ocean’s mercy, its power held me motionless.


A translucent light began to glimmer outside the window and amid the roaring of the storm I seemed to hear a deep voice call my name.

A huge figure stood still and strong taking the full force of the water to protect the vulnerable wall where I had made the window.

I sighed to the God of the Sea.



For http://dversepoets.com/

Morgan Le Fay


An ageless beauty

Morgan shone like the full moon

silver on the sea.


She gathered driftwood

smooth and polished by the waves

to build her pyre.


She stacked carefully

kindling sticks, then weathered beams

from forgotten wrecks.


A pyramid fire

upon the seashore tide line

where waves tug and lick.


An island of fire

in elemental water

power of magic.


She gazed in the flames

until the water claimed them

and her to the sea.


Inspired by ‘The Sea Priestess’ by Dion Fortune.




Sound and Water

Photo from The New Scientist. Sound waves ripple the Sun’s outer atmosphere.


Sound creates matter.

The mystery of the word.

Waves of vibration.


Waves of the ocean

follow the pull of the moon

crashing or rippling.



Prompt WAVES from The Height of Haiku April Challenge.